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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Rasa dan Menulis

Do you know why I started writing in this blog back then?
Do you know when's the time I write so much?
Do you know how I can still write up till now?
Do you wanna know what's my word generator?

My post this time is about trying to answer a question from a friend of mine as to why she felt it's hard for her to write(again). I'm not trying to be superior, what I'm doing here is sharing my experience, hoping that she felt somehow nostalgic and then started to join the arena(of writing) once again.

So, the answer to all the questions at the start is, to me, emotion.

If you were to look back at my old, really old posts, they meant a lot to me. Rereading them makes me kinda emotional, just like what I feel when I was pouring them down from my minds, through my hands. Because, as you can see, at that time I was in a really huge wave of emotion. Thinking that my writings got read by someone you care about, how can you not be so careful in choosing your words? Of course I would. My words at those time were really what I wanted to say to me, and to her.

Who'd have never guessed, a reason that trivial can spark a little curiosity in myself for writing. Helping me to survive all those times when I don't have any idea to whom should I tell my stories to.

Mostly, it's also emotion that makes me write about something so elaborately. Well, to the point that I think no one's gonna read it, since it's too long anyway. People will just come by and leave a mental comment : "tl;dr". Ha.

Why emotion? Referring to what Miss Sarah Kay told in her TED Talks about spoken word poetry. She used poetry to be able to understand about something. She would write down many things that she already carried in her 'backpack' about that something, wrote it down, and, pow! Suddenly an understanding of that something just come out of nowhere. Well, that's what I think she was/is/will be doing. The same goes to me, I write so I understand. To me, emotion is like a.. dunno, kinda hard to guess, but sometimes I can just guess it right. They're interesting to me because I really understand that emotion affects our thoughts and behavior a lot. That's why to understand it, I often needs to write down everything that I know is making me feeling this way. At the end of my writing, I found out that everything that I wrote resonates with something in my head. I think that resonance happens because there's an emotion that I embedded at my writing. I may not be able to really understand what I'm feeling, but I know I'm feeling something! But on other times, I may understand it so well whether I'm sad, angry, or happy at the moment. Not to mention that if I want to relive my emotion back when I wrote something, I just have to reread it and I'll be having those emotion back.

So, I think those are the gist of it, my answer to all the questions at the start. I hope by the end here you'll think, or feel, that that emotions of ours sometimes can be transferred into something else. Hence, if you want to cerish a memory that you think is really moving, so much it makes you really emotional, just do it: write!

The exact moment we write about love, we're also drawing our own love story.
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  1. Thank you so much for this. This means a lot to me. I'm trying to get back to writing.